major electronic markets in Huaqiangbei

   There are more than 60 major electronic markets in Huaqiang North Commercial Street. The mobile phone industry is located in the south of Shennan Avenue, Huaqiang North Business District: Huaqiang Metro Shopping Mall, Yitong Mobile Phone Accessories Market, Pangyuan Communication Accessories City, Longsheng Communication Market , Pengjinshan Technology Electronics Market, Tongtiandi Communication Market, Jinlong Communication Market, Shuanglong Communication Market, Tongshuang Communication Market, Dragon Ball Communication Market, Xintiandi Communication, Aihua Electronics Market, Gaodeng Market, Taixing Communication Market, Jixiang Communication Market, Construction of the market and so on.

   To the north of Shennan Avenue, east of Huaqiang North Road: SEG Plaza, Baohua Building, Shenzhen International Electronic City, SEG Communication Market, Industrial Products Exhibition Center, Guangbo Digital Wholesale Plaza, Cyber ​​Digital Plaza, Yuanwang Digital Shopping Center , Manha Communication Digital (shopping) Plaza, Wanshang Computer City, International Electronic City Foreign Trade Wholesale Market, CLP Digital Wanshanghui Supporting Center, Pacific Security Professional Market, Gaokede Communication Digital Plaza, Huitong Security Digital Port, Longsheng Mobile Wholesale Center, Mingtong Digital City, Sunda Electronic Communication Market, etc.

   To the north of Shenzhen Avenue, west of Huaqiang North Road: Huaqiang Electronic World, Jiahe Electronic Market, Metro Electronic City, New Asia Electronic Shopping Mall, Gaokede Electronic Market, Huaqiang Electronic World Second Store, Huaqiang Plaza, Jiufang Market, Shundian Market, Gome, Suning Appliance.

 After going to Huaqiangbei, you can buy all the accessories of a computer, buy from the chip; all the accessories of a mobile phone (assembled from the chip); all the accessories of a printer; all the accessories of a notebook, one without All the accessories of the man-machine, all the accessories of an industrial robot, all the accessories of a security system; from chips, electronic components ,casing, PCB, to the software

Huaqiang Electronics World Store: 1-2 floor electronic components, industrial accessories, etc.; 3-4 floor computer accessories, second-hand computers, printers, etc.; 5th floor is the industrial motherboard, monitor screen manufacturers store; other floors are technology company offices;

Huaqiang Plaza: electronic components, factory image stores, LED series products, etc.;

Jiahe Electronics Market: The lower level is the third store of Huaqiang Electronics, and all the high-level offices are technology companies;

Metropolis Electronic City: 1-2 floor electronic components; 3rd floor maintenance tools and instruments; other floors are offices;

New Asia Phase I: Large electronic components, industrial parts market;

New Asia Phase II: Large electronic components, industrial parts market;

High-tech electronics market: 1-3 floor electronic components, industrial accessories, 3rd floor and above for the LCD display trading market;

Manha Communication Market: large mobile phone accessories, mobile phone wholesale market, electronic products aftermarket;

Yuanwang Communication Market: 1st Floor Mobile Phone Accessories Market, Image Shop Guides Full Service, 2nd Floor and above are all licensed, parallel wholesale market;

Mingtong Digital City: domestic mobile phone, cottage mobile phone, high imitation mobile phone base camp;

Sunda electronic communication market: domestic tablet PC, domestic notebook, Bluetooth equipment large market;

Pacific Security Market: large security integrated market, surveillance, access control, building intercom, etc.;

Huitong Security Market: a large security comprehensive market;

Longsheng mobile phone accessories market: large mobile phone external distribution wholesale market; outer casing, protective film, packaging, etc.;

Gao Kede Communication Digital Plaza: large-scale mobile phone distribution wholesale market; shell, tempered film, scooter, etc.;

CLP digital market: all kinds of u disk, memory card, audio, wholesale headphones, small commodity wholesale;

 SEG Plaza: The tallest building in Huaqiang North, all of which are electronic components, industrial products, computer accessories, brand computers, tool accessories, mobile phone stores and other large-scale integrated markets. The 8th floor and above are all technical office offices;

Baohua Building: The first floor is the mobile phone accessories market; the computer accessories market on the 1-3 floor, the brand after-sales company upstairs;

Huaqiang Metro Shopping Mall: mobile phone accessories, second mobile phone, mobile phone motherboard, etc.;

SEG communication market: large mobile phone accessories wholesale market, large mobile phone stores; internal distribution, external distribution market, famous foreign trade wholesale market;

Shenzhen International Electronic City: the first floor is a large mobile phone store; the upper floor is the company office space;

Guangbo Digital Wholesale Square: The first floor is a large mobile phone store, upstairs is computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, printers, etc.;

Wanshang Computer City: The first floor is a mobile phone store, and all the upstairs are equipped with mobile phones, and the whole machine is equipped with wholesale machines;

Cyber ​​Cyber ​​Plaza: large digital product square, mobile phone, camera, computer products store;

Taixing Communication Market: mobile phone accessories market, with internal market;

Pangyuan Communication Market: mobile phone motherboard, IC, screen, and mid-frame integrated market;

Longsheng Communication Market: mobile phone interior, maintenance tools, mobile phone motherboard large wholesale market;

Pengjinshan communication market: electronics, digital products, communication products, mainly Apple accessories;

Tongtiandi to build the market: accessories, various Chinese brands of of mobile phones;

Tongtiandi Great Wall: 1-3 floors, mainly domestic and foreign brands of old and new mobile phones, Samsung low-end old machines, CDMA, accessories, cards; 4-5 floor main mobile phone LCD, touch screen, IC and other internal and external accessories special;

Flying Heaven and Earth: The first floor of the main domestic brand-name machine, protective shell, all kinds of brand batteries, miscellaneous batteries; 2nd floor polished border, Apple Samsung LCD screen, original assembled back cover, all kinds of inside and outside, all kinds of card stickers, laser Coded and so on; 3rd floor main Apple official change machine wholesale, all kinds of new and old IPAD wholesale; 4th floor main apple wholesale goods wholesale;

Tongtiandi Aihua Market: 2nd floor is mainly engaged in Apple Samsung old machine, all kinds of domestic brands old machines, second-hand computers, etc.; 3rd floor main domestic machine wholesale;

Jinlong communication market: mainly based on domestically produced old machines;

Ssangyong communication market: mainly based on domestic accessories;

Xintiandi communication market: mainly based on low-end domestically produced machines, used mobile phones, mobile phones after sale;

Auspicious communication market: mainly with accessories, internal matching, maintenance tools;


Gordon Market: mobile phone accessories market, with the market;

Dragon Ball Communication Market: Mobile Phone Accessories Market, Matching Market.